Friday, January 22, 2016

Announcing the Community Events

January  2016

Following the dissolution of Sulphurous Lake District Volunteer Fire Fighters Association (SLDVFFA) at their final AGM on September 5, 2015 the Mountain Spruce Community Centre Society (MSCCS) was nominated by motion as the local organization best able to manage and carry on the inter-community affairs of the meeting room affixed to the Fire Hall. 

In an informal presentation at said AGM and as present chairman of MSCCS Roy Tomlinson stressed that the Society represents all four communities in the area and will continue this responsibility.  This was accepted and the motion passed in favour of MSCCS.

A dissolution cash incentive was also awarded MSCCS to continue community work.  Following this and at the October 22, 2015 regular meeting the MSCCS board of directors carried a motion to elect Siana Kelly of Sulphurous Lake to form a small committee of her choosing to coordinate the affairs of the former meeting room now officially named the Mountain Spruce Community Events Centre (CEC).  Under the umbrella of MSCCS the new committee will report all activities directly to the board of directors at each regular meeting.

The Cariboo Regional District(CRD) now owns and is responsible for the building housing this facility.  On Dec 15, 2015 a special meeting was arranged by Rowena Bastien manager of the CRD’s Protective Services Department to establish guide lines in managing the facility after Jan 1, 2016.  The meeting was attended by Darron Campbell the CRD’s Manager of Community Functions and by Brian Coakley the present Area L Director.  MSCCS was represented by Chairman Roy Tomlinson and Siana Kelly coordinator of the new CEC committee and Olga Tomlinson manager of the MSCCS blog.  A number of outstanding questions were answered satisfactorily by the CRD reps and their full cooperation was assured.  The contact person is Kathleen McDonald, Darron Campbell’s assistant.  

It is hoped that the inclusive nature of MSCCS will bring the four communities and their existing organizations together in common causes with the new Community Events Centre as its base.

Siana Kelly has been elected by MSCCS as the current Coordinator for the Community Events Committee to organize and run the events of the newly acquired Mountain Spruce Community Centre.